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Latest News from the Writing Cave.

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If you’re looking for my Wylde Shore Trilogy I have some news that may interest you.

I recently had all rights to the series reverted back to me from the publisher. Because of this, the trilogy is currently unavailable while I re-work the three novels and look for a new publication mode that suits the both the trilogies and my writer needs better.

Each book is being revised and, in part, rewritten before they come back onto the market with a fresh new look. Finding Angel and Playing Jax were the first two books I wrote and, as an author, I’ve grown into a slightly different writing style. In order for the books to reflect my current writing style, I’m taking a fresh look at them before giving them back to readers.

This trilogy also leads into my new Mercenary Heat series and in order to have wider options with the publishing of Tempting Marcus, book 1 in that new series, I felt I needed to re-look at the trilogy that prompted the Mercenary Heat books.

I’m hoping to have the trilogy back out in late 2017 and early 2018, along  with the release of Marcus’s story and the second and third books in my Mercenary heat series coming out by mid 2018.

Thanks for your patience as I make them even better.

Well that’s it for now, I’ll have more from the cave for you shortly.

Jan Graham