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Latest News from the Writing Cave.

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I have some amazing news. Well maybe not amazing, perhaps interesting.

After twelve months of pimping out twelve novellas as the Dominant Persuasions Anthology, the authors involved have decided not to continue with the project and Dominant Persuasions was removed from sale a few days ago at the beginning of March 2017.

Consequently, Submitting to Temptation, Hot in the City Bk 4, is currently unavailable, but don’t despair.

The news from the writing cave is… I’m in the process of doing a brief re-edit of the story, getting my cover artist to design a smashing new look for the book and re-releasing Submitting to Temptation in early May. Timetable not set in stone. 🙂

Well that’s it for now, I’ll have more from the cave for you shortly.

Jan Graham