Get ready for some Mercenary Heat

Mercenary Heat

Well it’s finally happening. The new Series begins on May 8th with the release of Tempting Marcus. I’m so excited to finally get Marcus out to readers. It’s been a long time coming and I thank you for your patience.

The Mercenary Heat series is a spin-off from the Wylde Shore books. Marcus and Bethany both appear as secondary character in the books but theirs is a very different world to the one presented in the Wylde Shore books. It’s harder, edgier and far more dangerous.

Each book is a romantic suspense  based around Marcus Delaney and his band of mercenary misfits. They are hard-edged, alpha males, working as secret operatives for the government, taking on cases that no-one else has the stomach for. They’re all damaged in some way, much like Ash was in Switching Mercedes. The work has left them hardened, and jaded about life. I want Marcus and each of his men to find a tender heart to call their own, but the women will need to be tough enough to handle the demons each man faces.

I plan to have the first three books in the series out by the end of the year and the release schedule looks a little like this.

Tempting Marcus – Releases May 8th – Pre-order now at Amazon

Her Captured Heart – Releases July/Aug 2018

Restoring His Soul – Nov/Dec 2018






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