Pre-Sale Special- Mercenary Heat Series

Her Captured Heart is up for pre-sale at Amazon and I’m offering it at 99 cents until August 2nd. It’s not only time to buy the next book in the series, you can also grab, Tempting Marcus, Mercenary Heat Bk 1, for the same price (99 cents) until July 30.

What a bargain.

Her Captured Heart

Her Captured Heart_2000During the last four years Clay has felt more like a babysitter than the elite mercenary Marcus hired. His current role within the team of misfits is to ensure ex-crime boss, Adrian Hastings, remains protected from enemies out to kill him. The teams current mission is about to jeopardize all that. Clay has an additional charge to care for, Adrian’s daughter, and he has the feeling this won’t be a happy family reunion. But introducing Ebony to her dead father isn’t his only problem. Ebony hates him. A feeling he completely understands considering he kidnapped her. Clay needs to somehow win her over and not just for the mission’s sake. She’s the only woman he’s ever desired enough to want to have a future with.

Ebony Rose Hastings changed her name and her entire life to escape the violent legacy of her family. With her past behind her, she’s starting again and learning important lessons along the way. Her new awakening began with the death of her father nearly five years ago and ended with a not so amicable divorce from her loser husband. Unfortunately, her past won’t lay down and die. Taken hostage by a deceptively good-looking man who she refuses to trust, Ebony now faces three new challenges. Accepting the resurrection of a man she once thought dead, remaining safe from her ex—who’s convinced she’s his ticket to a wealthy life—and fighting the attraction she feels for the man who recently kidnapped her.

Pre-order Now. Releases date July 31

Special runs from July 16 – Aug 7

Amazon US

Tempting Marcus

Tempting Marcus_525A mission is underway, and in the mercenary game, timing is everything.

Beth has spent the last four years trying to tempt Marcus into her bed so why decide now that it’s make or break with him? The excuses have faded. She’s no longer too young, too innocent, or too naïve about the job. She’s lead on their current assignment, success and failure rests with her. Maybe that’s why she’s decided it’s also time to make one last ditched attempt to secure the man she wants in her life. Marcus Delany, her boss and a mercenary who claims to have no heart.

Not wanting Bethany isn’t the problem. Marcus wants her with every fiber of his being, he just won’t allow himself to give into temptation and have her. For Marcus it’s not about her age or experience, it’s not even about his ability or desire to make Bethany his own. It’s about loss. If he refuses to have her then he can’t lose her. His first life lesson as a mercenary was a harsh one. Loving with all your heart makes you vulnerable. That’s not what he wants to be. He’s been there, done that, and the T-shirt wore out long ago.

Buy for US 99c from 16 – 30 July

Amazon US

Due to exchange rates prices outside the US will vary from 99 cents, but are still heavily discounted.

Amazon UK

Amazon AU

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