It’s Nearly Release Day – Her Captured Heart

Well it’s nearly July 31st and that means more than we’ve made it to the middle of the year. It’s also release day for Her Captured Heart. In anticipation of the release I decided to do a post with some teasers and a short excerpt, to help you decide if Her Captured Heart is the book for you.

Her Captured Heart is currently on sale for 99 cents during  pre-order and for week one of it’s release.

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overpaid nanny

During the last four years Clay has felt more like a babysitter than the elite mercenary Marcus hired. His current role within the team of misfits is to ensure ex-crime boss, Adrian Hastings, remains protected from enemies out to kill him. The teams current mission is about to jeopardize all that. Clay has an additional charge to care for, Adrian’s daughter, and he has the feeling this won’t be a happy family reunion. But introducing Ebony to her dead father isn’t his only problem. Ebony hates him. A feeling he completely understands considering he kidnapped her. Clay needs to somehow win her over and not just for the mission’s sake. She’s the only woman he’s ever desired enough to want to have a future with.

buckled beneath her

Ebony Rose Hastings changed her name and her entire life to escape the violent legacy of her family. With her past behind her, she’s starting again and learning important lessons along the way. Her new awakening began with the death of her father nearly five years ago and ended with a not so amicable divorce from her loser husband. Unfortunately, her past won’t lay down and die. Taken hostage by a deceptively good-looking man who she refuses to trust, Ebony now faces three new challenges. Accepting the resurrection of a man she once thought dead, remaining safe from her ex—who’s convinced she’s his ticket to a wealthy life—and fighting the attraction she feels for the man who recently kidnapped her.

something else


Her Captured Heart – Copyright © 2018 by Jan Graham

Talk about a feisty little pixie. Clay suspected some form of resistance the moment he noticed she was out of the bed but that? No way. And those nails of hers—once he got out of here, he’d have to check how badly she’d lacerated his ears.

As she stared up at him, terror filling her expression, he momentarily regretted the position he held her in. As he’d secured her beneath him, her back pressed onto the bed, spreading her legs was an intentional maneuver. The last thing he needed was for his sac to take another blow. It still ached from the last impact she’d nailed him with.

The short, sharp, puffs of breath she expelled drew his attention to the rise and fall of her chest. Her nightshirt sat askew, the swell of flesh exposed. Her hair splayed out behind her, her tongue moistening what he now noticed were lusciously biteable lips. Clay closed his eyes, taking in a few steadying breaths of his own. He could do this. Despite his cock swelling in encouragement for him to take advantage—seduce her with a passionate kiss and embed himself inside her—he needed to remain professional and composed.

“Are you going to rape me?” Her question both startled and offended him. Assuming she’d registered his erection as he landed on her, Clay eased his hips back.

“No! What the hell kind of man do you think I am?” he snapped. “I’m here to protect you.”

“Well, you have a funny way of showing it. You and your out-of-tune buddy KIDNAPPED ME!”

She had a point, and the fact she now started thrashing about underneath him again, trying to free herself from his grip, only proved making her see sense regarding the matter might be more difficult than he first thought. While he held onto her like this, looming above her, she would never believe he meant her no harm. Nor would she be in an emotionally sound position to listen to his explanation.

cry out in pleasure



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