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My Hot in the City Series has been out for a few years now and due to other writing tasks getting in the way, I’ve been neglecting my much loved hot, sexy, short, reads range. Well, no longer. This week I  finished writing the next novella in the series, Fueling the Fire. At least I think that’s what I’m calling it. Lol. With my other books I’ve never started talking about the book without having the title set in stone and without a definitive release date set. So, this is all a bit new and nerve racking for me. Anyway, I’m going with Fueling the Fire for now and the release date is TBA.

Fueling the Fire is John and Trudy’s story. As some of you may know they are the only couple who started the series already in a loving relationship. So how can I give them their own story you ask? Well, relationships aren’t perfect. We all go through ups and downs and if a couple isn’t careful the relationship can end if it’s not nurtured. Hence, this novella finds the couples marriage in a rut and if something doesn’t give, everything they’ve built over the last nineteen years could end.

That’s all the teaser you’re getting at this time. 🙂

Hot in the City SeriesBut don’t despair, there’s more Hot in the City News.

I’m releasing the first four novellas in the series as an e-bundle and it’s also going to print. Yep, you heard me correctly. Four novellas in one place and at a discounted price. So that’s more bang for your reader buck. If you haven’t read any of my Hot, Short, Sexy, Read range then this will be a great place to start.

The bundle releases on October 2nd and is currently available for pre-sale. Teaser and buy links are listed below.



Amazon US     Smashwords    iTunes    B&N    Kobo

Paperback links available soon (I hope).

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Four Hot in the City novellas in one place for the first time.

This series features sexy, Aussie men out to find love and they’ll tear up the city they live in to do it. It’s not just the summer heat that has their women hot and bothered, these guys know how to turn a woman on, and each story is as sexy as they are.

Secret Desire, Bk 1

Sally isn’t looking for a new relationship but that changes when Jake enters her life. Being together could be everything they each desire, except for one tiny issue. Their age difference.

Resisting Love, Bk 2

Kenzie ended things with Justin when she realized their affair was becoming something more than hot, casual sex. That left Justin with only one option. Win Kenzie back, even if it means playing dirty to secure her love.

Sensual Healing, Bk 3

How can a man win the heart of a woman when he’s competing with a dead guy? That’s the challenge Mark faces when he meets Isabelle, a feisty, capable, redhead who’s happy to deny the truth about why she’s never given love a second chance.

Submitting to Temptation, Bk 4

Susan accepts a position at her brother’s law firm only to be confronted by the one thing she never thought she’d face again—being sexually aroused by a dominant man. Despite her attempts to ignore him, Blake isn’t hiding his attraction for her, in fact, he’s doing everything he can to lure her into his arms.

All four novellas in this book feature M/F romantic pairings. All stories contain explicit sex scenes and some swearing. Only book 4, Submitting to Temptation, describes a couple in a D/s relationship, with light BDSM scenes.

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