Herding Ducks and the next Hot in the City book

rubber-ducks-1408285_1920As some of you may know, I recently announced a new novella for the Hot in the City series. Well, there’s still a new novella coming out, but I’ve had to do a bit of wrangling in relation to the new release after all the ducks I had lined up ran off in different directions. I guess that sometimes happens, but it can be scary when it does.

I’ve lived through a few thought provoking weeks since the announcement of my novella, previously titled, Fueling the Fire. Yes, you heard correctly, previously. During final edits my Title duck had a crisis, announcing the title didn’t adequately reflect the storyline. He then promptly wandered off to do his own thing.

Title duck goes snorkeling, leaving author floundering for answers.


After discussions with my editor, the wonderfully talented Sandy Ebel from Personal Touch Editing, we managed to get the wayfaring creature back in line. The return coincided with a new title for the novella. One, I might add, Title duck is very happy with. The new title, Reclaiming Her Heart, better suits the storyline and is a truer representation of the main character’s drama reflected in it’s pages.  So problem one averted and all seemed fine until…. 

Yep, you guessed it, Publishing duck stormed out, citing “creative differences” as the reason for his lack of willingness to stay in line.

Publishing duck contemplates new career in medicine, after disagreeing with author’s anthology choice for new book.

Reclaiming Her Heart was due for release next year as part of an anthology. As the manuscript came together, I worried the characters were taking me away from the criteria set down by project organizers. After looking closely at the storyline during the edit process, combined with the name change, I realized the story wouldn’t fit the anthology in any way, shape, or form. I apologetically withdrew from the project and went chasing Publishing duck. We finally agreed to self publish, bringing Publishing duck back together with his rubbery, yellow companions.

Crisis rectified, I took a deep breath and moved forward, organizing a hot cover for Reclaiming Her Heart. Just when I believed I was safe and the ducks were happily following along, I did a head count. Oops…

Editing duck was sitting a mile away, throwing a monumental hissy fit.

Disgruntled over previously edited work, Editing duck takes his ladder and fireman’s hat and waddles home.

The tantrum coincided with my decision to release the first four novellas in the Hot in the City series as both a print and paperback bundle. During formatting for the print book I became aware that the initial edits, performed back in 2012/13, no longer reflected the standard of book I currently publish. I put the print book on hold but, unfortunately, it was too late to stop the ebook bundle releasing on Oct 2. Disaster had struck and, not for the first time in my writing career, I was mortified by the inadequacies in a book release. The last time related to cover issues, but that’s another story.

Luckily, the wonderful Sandy came to my rescue and performed a quick, yet comprehensive, edit on Hot in the City. I’m almost too embarrassed to say that, sixteen hundred rectified errors later, I finally have a manuscript I’m happy with. The print version of the bundle will be releasing shortly, and I’ll also update the ebook version of the bundle on sites ASAP, along with files for the individual novellas. It’s a big task but I’m hoping to have everything finished by the weekend.

So, my ducks are all back towing the line, or row, as it were. Hopefully they’ll stay that way for a while. It should be easy keeping them in line, providing I can keep them distracted with other fun endeavors until I move onto the next writing adventure.




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