Back on Top – A Wylde Shore Novella

With the impending release of Passion, Pleasure, Pain: An anthology of Dominance and submission on February 14, it’s time for some teasers from my contribution to the book, Back on Top – A Wylde Shore Novella.

Meg and Barry are regular secondary characters in my Wylde Shore series, they’ve been there since book one. As a happily married couple, the regular romance story rules – boy meets girl and falls in love – don’t apply. That doesn’t mean they can’t have their own story and the Passion, Pleasure, Pain anthology offered that opportunity.

In Back on Top, Meg’s growing interest in BDSM could have a negative affect on the marriage. That is, unless Barry can find a way to overcome his issues with the lifestyle, and incorporate a bit of kinkiness into their lives.

Barry isn’t the only one with issues about BDSM. For a woman who’s use to being in control of everything, including the relationship, Meg faces huge changes if BDSM is going to work for them.

If Meg and Barry are to work out their issues they’re going to need a little help from their friends. Ash Reynolds is just one of the Wylde Shore crowd that makes an appearance in the novella.

Royalties from the sale of this anthology go to the family of author Doris O’Connor. We love you and miss you. RIP Doris.

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