Privacy Policy

To provide you with current information about my books and other writer information, it is sometimes necessary to collect or process information about you. In general terms, this information often takes on one or more of the following forms:

  • Information that you provide to me directly, such as my newsletter sign up or send me via a message on the blog, website or social media.
  • Information that is inadvertently collected by the providers I use such as WordPress, Mailchimp, Google and social media sites that is automatically sent by your computer’s internet browser when you visit my website, blog or social media sites. This information could include your IP address, the internet browser you are using, email address, pages you visit etc.

This privacy policy sets out the detail of information collected, as well as how that data is used and protected.

I endeavor to maintain the privacy of any information collected and that the data is held securely, used appropriately and only retained for as long as is necessary.

I do not share the information willingly with anyone else although you should remain aware that services I use such as WordPress, Blogger and other social media sites do have access to the information via their own terms of service and have privacy policies of their own to protect this information.

In regard to my Newsletter, personal information is stored by Mailchimp it is not exported or transferred to any other storage device by me and is only accessed via the Mailchimp site for the purpose of sending newsletters to those who have opted-in.

The only analytic information kept is that of the following sites as per their terms of service: Mailchimp, WordPress, Blogger. This information is only viewed on the specific site and not stored by me on any external drive or storage cloud. Social media links you may access via my site such as Facebook, Pinterest, twitter, Instagram, Google+ keep their own analytics and if viewed are only done so on the social media site in the form of how many clinks, links were accessed, or the username of the person’s profile choosing to follow or like me.

More information on privacy policies mentioned in this disclosure can be found by visiting the providers site.