Resisting Love

Kenzie Stuart is an artist who’s finally started to achieve her dreaResisting Love_200m—success. She doesn’t need anything to interfere with that, especially a relationship. Her number one rule when it comes to men is, love them and leave them, without getting emotionally involved. This worked perfectly until she met Justin Davies. When Kenzie realized she cared for Justin, her only option was to leave but she didn’t merely walk away from the man she loved. Kenzie ran like the wind, determined to never look back.
Justin Davies waited until he thought Kenzie Stuart was ready to accept his affection. He believed he did everything required in order to win her heart, but Kenzie still ran, leaving him high and dry to nurse his wounded heart. Despite everything, he wants her back and this time Justin has thrown the rule book out the window. He’ll recapture Kenzie anyway he can. By fair means or foul he’s determined to break down her resistance to love.

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Excerpt from Resisting Love

“You seem tense.” Kenzie froze mid-brushstroke causing Justin to smile wryly. He knew what was coming next.
“Go away, Justin.” Kenzie refused to turn around and look at him as she spoke.
“No.” Justin laughed his answer.
In the two weeks Kenzie had been at the club “Go away” and “No” had been the introductory words to every conversation Kenzie and he had engaged in. As he stood watching her pretend to ignore him, Justin felt the other usual response kick in when they were together. The mere sight of her made him hard and today she looked particularly sexy. She was barefoot, her long legs were uncovered and the denim shorts she wore hugged her ass so tightly it was enough to make him jealous. The hem sat just below the globes of her cheeks and straggly frayed strands kissed against the top of her thighs. The tie dyed purple singlet she wore cupped her breasts tighter than the denim grabbed onto her ass. Every time she’d walked into the main bar to get a cold drink, the subtle bounce of her breasts left him in no doubt that she’d chosen to leave her bra at home today.
It wasn’t the barely covered look which made her appear sexier than usual. It was more than her clothes. It was the way she tied her hair up in a loose knot on the top of her head, the escaping strands that draped around her neck and shoulders, the paint smudges scattering her soft skin and the fact that she appeared totally unaware the paint was even there. Kenzie shone when she worked, when she created, and Justin loved that about her. She also glowed when she orgasmed and he, of course, loved that as well.
“You’re doing an especially good job at pretending to ignore me today.” Justin felt Kenzie shiver when he placed his hands on her shoulders and began to massage them. “Mmm…very tense. Lucky I’m here to help.”
“You’re not helping and I’m not tense.” Kenzie tried to wiggled out of his grip but he had a firm hold on her and despite her protest, he knew she loved his touch.
Kenzie had worked on the mural for two weeks and Justin made sure he was always there when she was. If she worked during the day, Justin was there. If she worked at night, Justin was there. If Jake was at the club when Kenzie arrived, within an hour Justin would arrive to replace him. If she tried to work in the early hours of the morning, then Justin would volunteer to stay. After all, for safety reason she couldn’t be in the club by herself. It was a masterful plan, designed to give her no breathing space at all.
Initially he had simply been at the club, but two weeks into the gig he made sure he was all over her. He never did anything inappropriate, but he ensured he touched her whenever he could. Massaging her shoulders like he was now, a good morning kiss on the cheek or forehead, a gentle stroke down the arm, a hand in the small of her back and the thing he knew she found hard to ignore—standing behind her, so close she could feel him even when he wasn’t touching her at all. He’d see her inhale, taking his scent into her lungs and letting out a barely audible sigh as she exhaled. He made sure she felt his breath on the side of her neck, or at least his voice wrapping her in an embrace that wouldn’t let her escape. She would lean ever so slightly back toward his body, trying to initiate the anticipated physical contact without admitting to it. Justin was like a magnet commanding her to respond to him.
He knew her resolve was weakening. There had been a distinct change in her over the last week, as if she were considering responding to his attention more seriously. Justin wasn’t sure if something had changed for Kenzie or if his plan was merely having the desired effect of wearing her down. To date though, Kenzie had maintained her denial of him. He hoped that wouldn’t last much longer.
“You can’t continue to resist me forever, Makenzie Stuart,” Justin whispered in her ear.
Kenzie attempted to move but, he was right. She was being held in place not only by his hands but by a force she couldn’t resist. It was the same force that drew him to her, Kenzie was just better at resisting it than Justin would have liked. He stopped massaging her shoulders when she allowed herself to relax against his hard chest. He took the opportunity to enfold his arms around her waist, covering her body like a warm cloak.
“I’m not resisting anything,” Kenzie lied. “We broke up remember?”
“We didn’t break up, baby, you ran away.” Justin leaned in and kissed the soft curve of her neck. “And if you ran away, then that means you can run back.” His gentle kisses continued between his words. “I’m right where you left me, so all you have to do is turn around and run back.”