Wylde Shore Trilogy


This Series is currently out of publication but will return very soon

The Wylde Shore Trilogy is a series of romantic suspense novels with hot and hunky alpha Doms and the sassy, sometimes bratty, women who submit to them.  The suspense keeps you guessing right to the end and contains lots of twists and turns along the way.

This is my BDSM series, but it’s a BDSM series with a twist. The kink isn’t the sole storyline, it’s only part of it. The characters in these books are regular people, with regular lives, incorporating their dominant and submissive persuasions into their relationships. Yep, being a member of the kink community, these books are a portrayal of life as I know it. Well except for the drug lords, serial killers and psychopaths. 🙂

The links below the graphic will take you to information on each specific book as well as the buy links to make them your own. I hope you decide that it really is time to get Wylde.

Wylde re-release


Finding Angel      Playing Jax    Switching Mercedes