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Three dominant wills clash in this sexy romantic suspense novel by Jan Graham.

Mercedes Harris-Shore is a woman who knows her own mind, she’s built a thriving business, never asked anyone for help and has no intention of doing so. That is, until life takes a dangerous turn and she lands firmly in the sights of a serial killer.

Zane Reynolds has pursued the headstrong Mercedes for years with little to show for it. If he could forget about her then life would be a lot easier, but his heart wants what it wants. The fact he hasn’t told her the complete truth about his family and past shouldn’t make a difference, especially now that she needs his help to remain alive.

In times of crisis like this, the last thing either of them needs is the complication of Zane’s identical twin stepping into the picture, or do they?

Ash Reynolds is a mercenary living on the fringe of society. His twin left the shadowy world Ash inhabits years ago to forge a normal life, and it’s going well, until the woman he loves is endangered. Ash knows he’s the man to protect Mercedes, it’s what he does —save the innocent and punish the wicked. He isn’t the sort of man a woman should fall in love with though, and he knows it.

Switching Mercedes is book 3 in the Wylde Shore Series.

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Mercedes walked to the door ready to receive yet another bunch of flowers. Why death and floral arrangements went hand in hand she couldn’t fathom. Nor could she comprehend people’s need to send the flowers to her, although since Samantha had no family Mercedes probably constituted the closest thing to a parent the young woman had. She blinked her surprise as her mind tried to compute the vision before her.

A large furry teddy bear with the most arrogant looking face of any stuffed creature she’d seen stared at her. A white card hung from the bright purple ribbon around its neck. The envelope read ‘For my Sweetheart’. Mercedes frowned and glared at the grumpy-faced creature, deciding whether to slam the door in its face. The bear initially appeared to be shaking, however, on further inspection, she noticed a smallish man with a terrified look on his face standing behind it. Either the guy had a serious case of Parkinson’s disease or he was still recovering from meeting Zane Reynolds.

“I have a delivery for M…Miss H…Harris S…Shore?” Parkinson’s and a stutter, this guy really had his back to the wall.

“I don’t want it.” Mercedes kept her voice firm. The courier lowered the bear and looked pleadingly over its head.

“He said you’d say that and informed me to tell you that you have to accept his gift or else. He also said he’d know if I didn’t give it to you.” The man looked around the open space of her front yard, apparently checking to see if someone were spying on them.

“Really?” What was Zane playing at? “Here’s an idea. Take the bear with you, drop it in a charity bin, and when he calls to see if the delivery went okay, tell him I said thanks.” The courier started shaking his head before she finished speaking.

“No, he said you’d suggest something like that and I’m to tell you…oh god…” The man winced slightly. “He said… ‘Deception is unbecoming in a lady.’ Please take the bear, Miss.” The little man held the bear out toward her, a pained expression still on his face. What had that big oaf done to make this guy so afraid?

“I’m sorry if he scared you but take it back to him, I really don’t—”

“He said if you didn’t take the bear from me then he’d come around here and deliver it himself.” The words rushed out as he reaffirmed his desire to be rid of the animal by thrusting it closer toward her.

Even when he was absent Zane was still persistently annoying. She snatched the bear from the courier. “Okay, I have the bear, now go and find somewhere to have a stiff drink and calm down.”

“Oh wait, there’s one more thing.” Mercedes leaned against the doorjamb, hugging the bear to her side, and glared at the annoying servant of the devil. She didn’t notice the man’s cell phone until it was too late. The clicking noise her only indication he’d taken a picture. The little man turned on his heels and bolted for the street yelling his parting remark. “He wanted a photo as proof I gave it to you. Thank you.”

Son of a bitch.

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Switching Mercedes is a contemporary, romantic suspense novel with BDSM elements, and a M/F/M romantic pairing. Note: There is no sexual relationship between siblings.